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PharmaTech LLC
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PharmaTech LLC

One Stop Solutions / Turnkey Services

PharmaTech LLC is a Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) offering one-stop solutions in developing and manufacturing both Rx & OTC products accordingly to Current Good Manufacturing Practices. All products are manufactured at our USA facility with a focus in delivering quality products & quality service every step of the way. Whether you are a current pharmaceutical marketing company, wholesaler/distributor, exporter or even a contract manufacturer that needs to meet market demands, PharmaTech LLC has a very knowledgeable and energetic team in place to put any size project to work. Our experienced team of chemists, formulators, project coordinators and dynamic quality assurance team allows us to continue to offer top quality Rx & OTC products while meeting and exceeding FDA standards and regulations.

Turnkey Services

Our turnkey services allows us to deliver products to any worldwide destination with all adequate testing performed accordingly to FDA standards and guidelines. PharmaTech LLC offers product development for NDAs, ANDAs, OTCs and RX products in the forms of liquids and semi-solids all under one location while assuring that we continue to implement process validations for all products that are manufactured at our USA facility.

Excellence in Quality Service

Furthermore, we are committed in continuing to deliver solutions for our client demands while exceeding customer satisfaction throughout the entirety of projects. From our initial founding years, the pursuit of excellence has awarded us recognition within our community, trust and loyalty from our customers, resulting in a transition of organizational growth. Our sales & project management process has been established to benefit our customers, vendors and internal team so that we can deliver products within reasonable time. Our customer’s success means our success and we understand the importance of consistency, commitment and credibility.  PharmaTech LLC is an FDA registered, inspected and approved Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

Our Corporate Values

At PharmaTech LLC, every client is a VIP, and our mission is to help you achieve your development and manufacturing goals on time and on budget with uncompromised quality.

Our corporate philosophy starts with providing the highest quality, and working together, all goals are attainable.

As an organization, we will continue to operate with the highest standards of integrity and compliance so that our customers and consumers benefit in obtaining safer quality products.

Our vision is to become a nationwide industry leader providing product development (OTC & Rx) and manufacturing services for small, mid-size and large pharmaceutical, dietary and nutraceutical companies.

To be recognized as a highly qualified “one-stop-facilIty” assisting customers with their testing and manufacturing needs.

Our QA and QC methods are designed to guarantee quality on all analysis and testing performed.

World Class Laboratory & Manufacturing Facility

A Few Statistics


Supplier Network

At 1000+, our vendor network continues to expand in parallel with our manufacturing capacities.


Liquid Filling Capacities

We are committed to quality, scientific excellence and superior customer experiences.



We have the adequate resources to release projects within a reasonable timely manner.


Nationwide Delivery

We offer inbound & outbound delivery for Regional or Nationwide distribution to all 50 states.

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