3 Key Ingredients to Custom Vitamin Formulation Development

The development of Custom Vitamin Formulations has become more and more popular in recent years. This trend is powered by a growing population with a desire to live longer coupled with a healthier lifestyle. The U.S. vitamin and supplement market is estimated to become a $28 billion dollar a year juggernaut by the year 2016. In spite the fact that many new companies are sprouting up and venturing into this highly competitive, but potentially lucrative market, many opportunities remain for the nimble and well informed entrepreneur. There are 3 key ingredients vital to the successful launch of your own innovative vitamin or supplement. These are: a customized formulation, an effective delivery system and access to manufacturing capacity.

Gain the Competitive Edge with a Custom Formulation

Do you have an innovative new product idea to share with your targeted customer base? Have you developed a product to satisfy your customer’s needs and requirements? Armed with a custom formulated vitamin or supplement, you can unleash new opportunity, gain a competitive edge and offer more choices for your customer. You can have your one-of-a-kind product manufactured to your specifications. An easy way to set your brand apart or further strengthen your brand equity is to have the hottest new ingredients incorporated into your vitamin or supplement. This will distinguish your company from the competition.

Effective Delivery System

An effective delivery system comes in many forms: Liquids, including creams, gels or lotions and solids like tablets, caplets, coated and non-coated. Given these varied options and the physical properties of your product’s ingredients will require careful consideration to determine the best form of delivery. Another factor to consider is the market your product is designed to satisfy. The variety of delivery systems have varying costs depending on the manufacturing process required and careful consideration must be given to the profit margins your market will bear.

Flexible Manufacturing Capacity

There is nothing more harmful to a business owner than being unable to full fill a customer order. When launching any new product, it is imperative that you are able to ramp up manufacturing to meet demand. Working with an experienced and efficient CDMO can be an important tool in your arsenal for launching a new innovative vitamin or supplement product. If your product or innovation were to explode in the market, you cannot afford to lose that opportunity due to limited manufacturing capabilities. You must ensure that the CDMO you choose as your partner has the efficiency and capability to meet your markets demands.

In conclusion, bringing your new idea to market may be easier than you thought. By working with an experienced GMP certified CDMO with a proven track record, the technology to manufacture a variety of effective delivery systems, along with the manufacturing capability to support your market demand, the launch of your custom vitamin or supplement designed to your specification could be just a turn-key solution away.