Liquid & Topical Dose Manufacturing

Commitment to Quality, Scientific Excellence – Superior Customer Experiences

Liquid & Topical Dose Manufacturing

Pharmatech LLC offers in-house liquid & topical dose manufacturing. We operate at the most productive manner and continue increasing our production capacities to meet market demands. We are committed to quality, scientific excellence and superior customer experiences. Our service team is committed in making sure that our customers receive simple solutions on complex processes. In addition, we offer purified validated water systems, hot and cold mixtures and environmental controlled storage of components.

GMP Compliant

Pharmatech does business with a pharmaceutical regulatory mindset. Providing quality finished products continues to be our core focus. We assure at least the minimum FDA requirements are followed and implemented for all products released from our facility.

Quotation Turnaround

We understand the importance of being able to obtain a fast quotation. Our sales staff is highly trained and knowledgeable so that complex processes are simplified for our customers. Our network of suppliers gives us the opportunity in providing quick turnarounds on RFP’s.

Minimum Quantities

Our minimum quantities vary on a project basis. Pharmatech sales representatives are trained to offer win-win situations during every step of the negotiations process with current or new customers.

Liquid Dose Batch Size Availabilities and Equipment Capacities:
  • THREE (3) Fully Automated Liquid Lines
  • Our mixing tanks are 340 Kgs, 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs & 5000 Kgs
  • Our THREE (3) in-house filling lines can fill 30, 50, 60, 120, up to 473 ml at 120 BPM
  • Liquid Manufacturing Tanks of 350, 500, 3000, & 5000 Kg
  • Current equipment can be used to manufacture syrups, solutions as well as solid-containing suspensions
  • Container size filling availabilities: 50ml – 887.206 ml
  • 3 GMP Suites
Topical Dose Batch Size Availabilities:
  • Our mixing tanks are 340 Kgs, 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs & 5000 Kgs
  • Container size filling availabilities: 30 ml to 887 ml
  • 3 GMP Suites
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