Analytical Services

Through our state-of-the-art gmp facility and highly skilled scientists, Pharmatech is able to provide a vast array of in-house laboratory services.  Some of the services includes testing for Identification, Assay, Content Uniformity, Dissolution, Disintegration, Microbial Limits and more.

Product Support Services

Product Support Services is where we assist Manufacturers, Packagers, Raw Material Suppliers and Formulators in nearly every aspect of testing from conception to product release. Several important areas to consider are Stability Storage/Testing, Cleaning Validations, Raw Material and Finished Product Testing, Facility and Vendor Qualifications.

Stability Storage/Testing Capabilities

Stability storage and testing is required in order to assign expiration dating. We have the capability to install many temperature and humidity conditions for storage, both ICH and custom. A variety of light studies can be performed as well. Analysis of products at client specified time intervals are conducted upon request or as needed. In some cases, samples are returned to a client for subsequent testing.

Raw Material Testing

  • Identification

Finished Product Testing

  • Assay
  • Content Uniformity
  • Dissolution and Disintegration
  • Uniformity of Dosage

Other Product Testing

  • Optical Rotation
  • LOD
  • Distillation
  • PH
  • Chemical Solvent Residue
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Viscometer and Arsenic
  • Hardness Testing
  • Heavy Metals
  • Friability and Density Testing

Instrumental Analysis

Instrumental Analysis are used for a variety of tests ranging from measuring impurities in raw materials to the determination of purities in finished products. Pharmatech LLC is equipped with a diversity of instrumentation to meet your testing needs. Some of these are listed below:

  • HPLC (UV/VIS, DAD, RID, Fluorescence)
  • Dissolution Baths
  • GC (Automated Head Space Sampler, FID, TCD, ECD)
  • Atomic Absorption
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Infrared Absorption
  • Moisture (Karl Fisher Titration)
  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Tablet Hardness
  • Friability Tester
  • Density Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Balances

Compendia Testing

Pharmatech LLC can perform a vast array of tests from a variety of compendia. These include USP/NF, EP, JP, BP, FCC, JPE, ACS, AOAC, AOCS and ASTM. We also routinely provide customized raw material and finished product testing to accommodate our client’s requirements. Alternative methods to compendia procedures are frequently required. They can be supplied by our clients, or their vendors. Many times we will develop new methods, and if needed, validate them.

Wet Chemistry Analysis

Wet chemical analysis is used for quantitative chemical measurements, such as changes in colorimetrics but often involves more quantitative chemical measurements using methods such as titrimetry. Many of these procedures provide valuable information that cannot be duplicated by modern instrumentation. Pharmatech LLC has equipment, knowledge and experience that enable us to provide different wet chemical analysis. This total commitment requires us to maintain an inventory of reagents, test and volumetric solutions, glassware and indicators. Some of these tests are briefly described below:

  • Karl Fisher Titration
  • Residue on Ignition
  • PH (Acidity, Alkalinity)
  • Loss on Drying
  • Distillation
  • Arsenic
  • Heavy Metals
  • Concentration
  • Limit Test
  • Melting Range
  • Color Testing
  • Selenium
  • Osmolality
  • Chromatpgraphic Purity
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Torch Tester
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Viscometer
  • Conductivity
  • Identification
  • Residual Solvents
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